Winbond VPN Home

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool for accessing company network through internet when you are out of office. 

You can do tasks in employee portal or remote access your desktop PC or servers via terminal service, using VPN service. 

General users

Cisco VPN Client (Recommend)

Windows VPN Configuration

Windows 8,  7, XP

If your computer cannot install Cisco VPN client, you can use Windows Network  to setup L2TP VPN.

Windows XP Configuration manual

Windows 7 (Vista) Configuration manual

Windows 8 Configuration manual


Step 1:

Download Cisco VPN Client for Windows installation program:

1.       Check Windows version 32-bit or 64-bit.  Please follow this manual.

2.       Download Cisco VPN Client for Windows: 

o   Windows 7, XP:  32-bit / 64-bit

o   Windows 8:  64-bit

3.       Download Cisco VPN Profile.

Step 2:

Run Cisco VPN Client installation program. (Windows 7, XP Installation Manual)

(Windows 8 Installation Manual)

Company notebook users


If you are company notebook user and have SSL VPN privilege, please refer to SSL VPN User Manual.

Tarantella users

If you need connect to Winbond Tarantella server, you have to install CheckPoint Session Authentication Agent, please refer to following manuals:

CheckPoint Session Authentication Agent (Firewall Auth Agent) Installation Manual

Download CheckPoint SessionAuthenticationAgent (Firewall Auth Agent)

Tarantella Native Client Installation


Other manuals

If you got VPN problems, please check FAQ. 

Remote desktop to OA PC : please refer to this User manual.